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Lunch and Learn. EQUS – PanamaGBC

On September 1st 2015 a ‘Lunch and Learn’ was held in  ‘Cuidad del Saber’ , the City of Knowledge (Panama) organized with the collaboration of the PanamaGBC,  which was attended by representatives of important companies which belong to the above mentioned organization.  The aim of this event was to provide the attendees with a broad knowledge of the control tool, supervision and energy management of EQUS, which was very positively received by all the participants.


International Expo and Forum 2015 Sustainable Cities. Panama

EQUS attended the 2015 Sustainable Cities International Forum and Expo which took place in Panama on the 16th, 17th and 18th of July.   This forum convened representatives from the public and private sector in order to show the new trends and inform about successful cases at a local and international level in the development of sustainable cities.  From the point of view of Panama as a sustainable city, to the way certain factors influence and contribute to the ecological development of cities. A select group of professionals, as well as regional and continental leaders, participated in the event.

This Forum was organized by the Panama Green Building Council.



EQUS in City of Knowledge and Technological University of Panama


On Monday 11th May the Foundation, The City of Knowledge and the University of Technology of Panama (UPT) carried out in David, Chiriquí (Panama) the IV Conference of the Cycle of Information and Communication Technologies “Sustainable innovation and technology: Controls and automation for efficient energy”, in the conference hall: ‘ Agapito Santos’ in the central region of Chiriquí of the UTP.

More than 100 students from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering attended the presentation.  The conference offered the students innovative technological solutions which had been applied in several countries on to how to maximize energy efficiency and look for the maximum efficiency when using their resources.  In this context the Quality Service in Energy Efficiency, EQUS was presented permitting future collaborations between the University of Technology and The City of Knowledge.