The smart energy manager in the Big Data era

EQUS is a smart web platform of energy services, which for the first time has merged energy efficienct technologies with the most modern mathematical treatment systems of large amount of data
(Big Data)

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Show all information,
through values, graphics...

You can have access to innumerable data in a friendly graphical environment where you can see it globally or in detail

  • Variable control: power, intensity, flow, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels…
  • Energy display control, energy intensity in air conditioning
  • Control system works with all industrial protocols
  • Statistical control of quality 6σ: reports, correlations…
  • Functional analysis, predictions, alarms, capacity indexes…

Display system by means of drawings

You will be provided with a custom display by means of drawings to facilitate an understanding of the situation of the installation and thus control and maintenance decision-making

  • Adjustment to any kind of centre
  • Data “in situ” and list for an accurate valuation about them
  • Friendly user interface

Control your system remotely
by your own SCADA

You can make decisions and manage your facilities in any place thanks to the 2D view and in real time control

All the plants and control systems will be integrated through one sole application, which will allow the global management and remote control in order to achieve an optimized energy balance

Energy efficiency management

You will have access to the latest statistical tools in order to guarantee the results of the control, maintenance and management of the energy efficiency of your installation

  • Consult the consumptions and thermal comfort of your facilities.
  • Alarm configuration and detection
  • Univariant and multivariant control charts
  • Identification and monitoring of energy efficiency indexes

Scheduling predictive and operative
maintenance work

You can get the maximum performance in your facilities and design your future installation managing the maintenance work of your current ones

  • A maintenance schedule with dates and performance relating to operating and predictive maintenance work in all the facilities and their associated costs
  • A predictive maintenance by means of industrial quality statistical tools

Management invoicing

You will have up to date Access to your electrical consumption, you could anticipate to your invoice. You will find out where the place where you have to act in order to reduce your costs

  • A global invoicing control or for each installation, with design of natural limits, alarms design and expenses predictions
  • Optimization of electrical invoices, a study based on the different recruiment invoice possibilities for each country
  • Report generation

A system in accordance with your needs

You will enjoy the advantages of a customized platform

We will adapt the platform in accordance with your needs, we help you to decide which components will be required and which will not as well as their position in the application

All the experience and knowledge from our team will be at your disposal

Our team of professionals can help you wherever you are at all levels, from the planning and the installation to the scientific analysis of data, in addition to the management and the maintenance

EQUS ensures results

  • It ensures the energy performance of the building and its facilities
  • It ensures thermal confort, people´s well-being, the indoor air quality and the health of its occupants
  • It ensures the compliance of the highest standars of quality in any part of the world, ISO 50001, LEED certification...
  • It ensures the regulatory compliance
  • It ensures respect for the environment and the carbon footprint reduction, the future of people


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