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EQUS in the prestigious journal “Applied Energy”

Last April, the prestigious scientific journal “Applied Energy” has published the article “A simple model for automatic analysis and diagnosis of environmental thermal comfort in energy efficient buildings”, where it presents ventilation systems and air-conditioning mathematical modelling based on the analysis of a low number of environmental variables. This study was done in cooperation among different research groups in Galician universities.

The energy management platform EQUS was used to development this study. Equs is a tool that allows the monitoring and control in the facilities, which has been designed under Big Data criteria.

Thanks to your own SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), you can control the remote units and you can improve the data analysis for in order to do this study.

Within the conclusions contained in this article, it is remarkable that thanks to tools as complete as the EQUS platform, it is possible to have a considerable valuable information in order to understand and predict the environmental variable behaviour and the consumption with margins of error almost negligible.

The journal “Applied Energy” is specialized in I+D+i studies of energy and environmental sustainability areas.

EQUS  continues with the cooperation of differents research groups for the development of news and innovative studies within energy efficiency, confirming the advantages that this tool offers against others presents in the market.